How to Save on the Cost of Divorce

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Divorce is a painful experience. In addition to being painful, divorce is also often very expensive. The expenses involved in divorce often deter some couples from pushing on with their intended separation.

There are several ways through which divorcees can ensure that they incur the least possible costs as they go separate ways. The article below discusses some of these money-saving strategies to see you through the divorce period.

Maintain Constant Consultations with Your Partner

One of the best ways to bring down the legal costs of divorce is to always consult with your partner whenever there's a contentious issue that arises. These consultations should be aimed at finding an agreeable solution to the issue without necessarily having to involve your lawyers. This is especially important if the lawyer is billing you on an hourly basis.

The more you agree on issues with your partner, the less you involve the lawyers and the less you end up paying for legal service. Ultimately, before you decide to call in the lawyer whenever the divorce takes a new turn, sort it out with your partner first.

Consider Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is not a very new concept in modern family law. Under collaborative divorce, the lawyers act as mediators who facilitate negotiation and dialogue between the divorcing partners. They do not give their opinion on discussions and don't have a say in the final outcome of the collaborative divorce proceedings.

Collaborative divorce is cheaper for a number of reasons. For one, your divorce will be official sooner than it would be with the traditional court divorce. This is because divorce lawyers have fewer cases to handle as compared to the courts. They therefore have more time for each individual case resulting in faster conclusion.  

Hirer a Local Attorney

Last but not least, you can save on the legal cost of divorce by choosing to be represented by a local-based divorce attorney. This is cost effective in the sense that the attorney will spend less travelling to attend court dates or collaborative divorce sessions. Because divorce attorneys add the cost of such miscellaneous expenses to their final charge. It will be cheaper for you to hire a local attorney.

This is also advantageous in the sense that the attorney will always be readily available whenever his or her services are required. For more information or assistance, contact local law firms and let them know about your upcoming case. They will be able to guide you from there. 


23 February 2015

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