New to the Field? 2 Major Tips for New Lawyers to Adapt to Their Industry

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In law schools, you'll learn how to think like a lawyer, get all the sections of the constitution on your fingertips and have exposure to substantive law. But the truth is, none of that will be enough once you are released into the real world of law practice. In the practical world, things don't happen the way they do in books. You're going to have to involve a lot of your common sense and apply the theory in law school.

For the young lawyers out there, here are two tips to get you adapting fast in this industry.

Hone your communication skills

Words are the magic of this business. Though the media portrays lawyers as cutthroat competitors, you're going to have to interact with your clients in a much friendlier way. Remember, law thrives on the relationships you form and your clients see you as a person first then a lawyer second. They are only going to remember how you treated them and the outcome of the case, not the legal arguments you put forward.

Don't get it wrong. Law school will teach you that the better your arguments, the better the lawyer you'll be. But that's just a half truth. You need to be a people-person for the clients to come to you and communicating pleasantly does just that. Inform your clients of each step, call them and send them regular updates on the progress you've made. You'll be cultivating a rich client base once you do this.

Apply the law practically

As a lawyer, you're going to experience a huge change once you're out of law school. In a firm, you need to do you're research very fast and in a limited time span unlike the research papers back in school where you had all the time. Avoid second-guessing yourself or following tangents as this can waste a lot more of your precious time.

Learn from your environs. Listen to the senior lawyers talk and observe motion courts keenly. This is because some things can only be learnt practically. You may have the theoretical know-how of a motion for instance, but practically preparing a motion record may seem alien. Seek advice from the more experienced people and try interacting with as many experts as possible. Also get to know how materials are filled and you can spend your time with a court process server to do this.

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16 March 2015

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