Four Things You Need to Know about Do It Yourself Divorce Kits

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When you are facing a divorce, one of your options may be to obtain a do-it-yourself divorce kit from the Family Court of Australia. These kits may seem like the easiest option for your situation, but there are a few things you need to know about them. Before you decide on using a kit, consider the following information and how it may pertain to your specific divorce situation.

Multiple Kits

There are several steps in the divorce process. Each one of the these steps requires paperwork to be filled out and filed with the courts. Due to these various steps in the process, the do-it-yourself kits are separated. For example, the first kit you will likely get is the divorce application kit. Once you have filled out this kit, you can move on to the next kit which will be the service kit, and then move on to financial kits. Depending on your circumstances, you may need only a few kits or you may need the entire range of kits.


If you choose to use the do-it-yourself kits, you need to know that all the forms you will need for that step are included with the specific kit. For example, if you obtain the financial statements kit, then all of the forms you will need for the financial statement portion of the divorce will be included. You can obtain additional forms, replacement forms, or instructions from the Family Court.

Online Availability

One key points that you need to know about the do-it-yourself kits from the Family Court of Australia is that most of the kits and forms are available online. This means, if you can't make it to the court, you can print out the forms and return them at your convenience. You should note that, just because the kits are available online, this doesn't mean the process can be done online. You will need to send in the completed forms and meet any appointment scheduled by the court in person.

Child Custody

If you have children, you may be wondering if a do-it-yourself kit can be used. There are forms in several of the kits that cover child custody and help you file the appropriate papers. The application for consent orders kit, for example, does deal with the child custody issues you may have, and also division of property.

These are just four things you should know about do-it-yourself divorce kits from the Family Court of Australia. Remember, if you run into issues or if you have any questions regarding the process, ask a court representative or ask for a consultation with a family lawyer from a firm like Northside Lawyers



28 May 2015

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