Why You Need to Hire a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

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There is an old saying that when someone defends themselves in court, they have a fool for a client. This may seem like a harsh thought, but there are many good reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney when you've been charged with any type of crime, and especially if the charges are very serious. While you may think you can argue your own case, note a few of the reasons why it's best to leave this in the hands of a professional.

1. The exact nature of the charges and possible punishment can be explained to you

It's not uncommon for someone not familiar with the law to misunderstand the charges against them, and their possible punishment. They may not realize the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor, and also may not realize the amount of jail time and fines they might face with different charges. Laws will also vary between states and provinces, so even if you're familiar with how the law works for a charge in one state, if you've been arrested in another area, it's good to consult with a criminal defense attorney. He or she can explain the charges in detail and the "worst case scenario" of the punishment you might face.

2. You may need a defense strategy

A defense strategy means more than just pleading "not guilty" in court and then expecting the prosecutor to fail to present his or her case effectively. A defense strategy might include bringing up evidence that might help to create reasonable doubt as to your guilt, noting if someone else might have been responsible for the crime, and so on. An attorney with experience in criminal defense will know how to create such strategies so that you're proactively arguing your own case and not simply hoping for the best possible outcome and will also know when such strategies are actually not allowed in court.

3. Evidence needs to be picked apart

An experienced criminal defense attorney will know how to pick apart evidence against you, including photographs, fingerprints, certain test results, and the like. Even for something as simple as a drunk driving charge, they may know how to question the breath test results and anything else used to charge you. In some cases they may even be able to have certain pieces of evidence thrown out before your case begins, if its credibility is shaky. This can help to bolster your chances of winning your case altogether.

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24 June 2015

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