Signs That Your Divorce Proceedings May Need the Services of a Lawyer

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Handling your divorce proceedings without a lawyer may save you some money at the time of your divorce, but it can actually be much more costly for your down the road. A good lawyer can also save you some headaches and hassles during this very difficult time. If you're not sure if you need to consult with a lawyer during your divorce and are assuming the cost is not worth their services, note a few signs that indicate that a consultation is in order.

1. When you suspect your spouse is hiding money or assets

A divorce lawyer can hire what is called a forensic accountant, someone who examines the financial statements of individuals and businesses in order to find out the truth about their monetary situation. If you suspect your spouse is not being truthful about the money he or she is earning or has hidden away some assets, it's good to talk to a divorce lawyer so you know you have full rights to property and money that you both own. The cost of this forensic accountant and your divorce lawyer can be a worthy investment in recovering these assets.

2. When your spouse wants to dictate how the children will be raised

In most cases, each spouse has equal rights to how the children will be raised when in their care and custody. This means they can both take the children to their individual churches, set bedtimes and so on. 

However, if your spouse is threatening to withhold support or otherwise demands that you follow their rules about how the children will be raised, it can be good to consult with an attorney. A lawyer can explain to your spouse their rights and your rights when it comes to the children and help you both negotiate decisions that need to be made jointly, such as whether or not to send them to a private school, allowing a child to travel with a church group and so forth.

3. If your spouse refuses to sign papers

If you suspect your spouse is purposely delaying the divorce proceedings for any reason, it's good to consult with an attorney. In some cases, the marriage can be legally dissolved even without their signature, or an attorney can find out if there are legitimate concerns your spouse has that is causing the delay. An attorney can also advise you on your rights in the meantime, such as your right to a joint bank account, visitation with the children, etc.

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20 July 2015

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