When a Family Lawyer Should Be Called for a Divorce Case

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While you may want to get through your divorce as quickly and as cheaply as possible, you also want to ensure that you make the right decision for the entire process. This is because your divorce settlement will affect you for years to come, and it may be more difficult to make changes to that settlement than you realize. Note a few times when you definitely want to call a family lawyer to at least advise you on a divorce case.

1. When children are involved

Financial support and visitation can be more complicated to work out than you realize, and when children are involved, you need to think about long-term arrangements and not only what affects you now. A family lawyer can note things you may have overlooked in your conversations with your spouse about the children, such as expenses for extracurricular school activities, the cost of braces, visitation rights of grandparents and other concerns not covered by health insurance. You may also want to ensure that there are restrictions on how far away the custodial spouse can move so that you don't need to travel during your time of visitation.

2. When your spouse has a lawyer

If your spouse has hired a lawyer, chances are that they will fight for the best settlement and other details that will work in favor of their client. You may become intimidated by their attorney and the paperwork they present and file and not understand your rights or how to answer to their demands. If your spouse has an attorney, you should hire one as well just to ensure that you understand their demands and protect yourself accordingly.

3. If your spouse is being dishonest or vindictive

This type of situation can be overwhelming during a divorce and can make you feel tempted to simply give in to demands so you don't need to deal with your spouse any longer. You may also not know how to tell the courts that your spouse is being dishonest in what they present about their finances, debt, and the like.

Remember that a lawyer is not emotionally involved in a case and can typically handle dishonesty, vindictiveness, rudeness, anger, and other such unpleasantness much more readily than you. They also typically communicate only through letters and emails rather than phone calls and personal conversations, so everything can be recorded and even used in court. Having an attorney handle this type of behavior from your spouse can ensure you don't make a hasty decision and also ensure that your spouse does not mislead the court about their circumstances.

So if you are in any of these circumstances, it is in your best interest to call in a family lawyer, such as those from Marino Law, to protect yourself and your interests. 


25 August 2015

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