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It can be tricky to know when to call a law firm versus handling matters on your own, because very often you're legally allowed to represent yourself in court, file your own divorce papers, create your own will, and so on. You might be tempted to handle certain legal issues yourself to save the fees of an attorney, but this can actually be a mistake and wind up costing you more money down the road. Note when it's best to hire a law firm even if you think matters are somewhat simple.

1. Adopting a child

You always want to hire a law firm that specializes in adoption when you're considering adopting a child, because you may not realize the laws surrounding this type of arrangement. In many areas, the biological father needs to agree to the adoption even if he is not married to the mother and hasn't been part of her life during the pregnancy. The mother may also have a small amount of time to change her mind after signing adoption papers. Whatever the laws in your areas, you want a law firm to guide you through the adoption so you know you will be protected, that you are working with a reputable adoption agency, and so on.

2. When something important is at stake

If you're creating a will and don't have much money in the bank, you may not be concerned with anyone contesting the will or having it wind up in probate court. However, if you have a large estate and worry your family might start fighting each other over the will, you then have more at stake when it comes to creating your will properly. As another example, if you've been charged with a traffic violation that may only involve a large fine, you may not be concerned with arguing against the violation. However, if there is a chance you might go to jail, there is more at stake than just your money. Balance what is at stake versus the cost of an attorney to help you make your choice in whether or not to hire a law firm.

3. When you think matters can be mediated

Rather than go through a lawsuit or court hearing, certain matters might be mediated. For example, rather than sue someone for defamation for things they've said about you publicly, a law firm might mediate an agreement between you and the other party. A divorce might be mediated with a good lawyer even if you and your spouse have major disagreements. Rather than try to handle this mediation on your own or assume a court hearing is your only choice, consult with a law firm that offers such mediation services.


12 November 2015

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