Commonly Asked Questions About Hiring a Lawyer For the First Time

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Hiring a lawyer for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, as you may see literally dozens of ads from lawyers who all promise to fight for your case and your rights. How can you find the right one when it comes to litigation or criminal defense or whatever your legal needs? Note a few commonly asked questions about hiring a lawyer for the first time and this can make the process easier for you overall.

1. Why choose a lawyer with a specialty?

A general practitioner may do an adequate job representing you in court or assisting you with estate planning, but it's usually good to hire a lawyer who specializes in your type of legal need. This is because keeping up with ever-changing laws and recent court cases that set precedents that could affect your case may be a fulltime job in of itself, and a general practitioner may not always be current with information that affects you. A specialist will also typically be more skilled in arguing certain cases in court or working their way around the legal system, as they may have been working cases similar to yours for many years. This type of experience can be very invaluable no matter your legal needs.

2. Do lawyers charge a fee up front?

Some lawyers will charge a consultation fee and others will charge their entire fee to represent you up front, whereas other lawyers may not charge a fee until they win your case. If you do find a lawyer who charges you a consultation fee, note if they will be applied to your overall retainer fee. Also, ask if you can have that or any other fee refunded if you decide not to move forward with your case or not to hire them.

3. Is it better to hire a large firm or an individual lawyer?

Most lawyers will need assistance with just about any type of case; for instance, a paralegal can help them with research and with ensuring paperwork is filed properly. However, not all legal matters require an army of lawyers and assistants. Estate planning may be somewhat straightforward and may only require the lawyer to sit down with you and go over your finances and your wishes. More complicated criminal cases may require more time for a lawyers to review evidence and interview potential witnesses. Choose a firm or a lawyer like RAMSDEN LAWYERS based on the type of case you have and the amount of work you assume it will need in order to properly represent you.


25 January 2016

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