Injured on the Job? How to Ensure That You Don't Make It Worse

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Australian workers may think that the only two things guaranteed in life are death and taxes, but in many respects, they are lucky to be able to take advantage of workers' compensation insurance as well. This coverage is now settled law and was put in place to safeguard any employees who become ill while working in a recognised job. While the protection can certainly provide good quality medical treatment and the right amount of financial assistance when it's needed, if it's going to be as streamlined as possible, you have to pay attention. What mistakes should you avoid if you need to take advantage of this protection?

Be Strong

Most people will go through their working life without having to claim "workers' comp." As this is such a rare occurrence for them, the actual injury or illness itself can be quite traumatic when it does happen.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

At times like these, people can be forgiven for thinking about their welfare rather than paperwork, but they do need to commit certain details to paper, in case they forget. Certainly, an attending doctor will prompt you for much of this data as they will need it for some of their records, but you can't rely on their memory or ability when so much is on the line for you.

Being Selective

Having said that, don't broadcast all of your information to anyone who should ask you for it. This definitely includes any insurance investigator, as they may be working for their employer first and foremost. You should give them the basic details by all means, but you're not under any obligation to embellish until you have talked to your own representative.

Standing Tall

Once you are over the initial shock of the illness or injury, make sure that you stand up for yourself and don't submit if you get any "push back" along the way. Sometimes your case may be rejected due to a misinterpretation or an error on the part of the investigating team, and if so, you need to get independent advice. You may be able to turn to a conciliation service in the first instance, but you may also need the services of a lawyer to help you battle your case all the way through court, if need be.

Relationship With the Boss

Some people decide not to proceed when the heat is on, especially as they think it may damage their relationship with their employer. They may think that it ruins any chance of promotion and that a lifetime of good work may go down the drain. However, employers are not allowed to discriminate against you in these situations and will always turn to the nominated insurance company to help them with their expenditure.

You and Your Team

Time is of the essence when you are pushing your case, and you should ensure that you get professional help as soon as possible. Contact your local workers' compensation lawyers today to learn more. 


18 September 2018

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