Critical Times You Might Need a Family Lawyer During Separation

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No one gets into a relationship with the thought of separating one day. However, the reality is that relationships are not guaranteed, and that is why divorces take place. Notably, the separation process can be overwhelming, both emotionally and psychologically. It is especially the case if you are against the separation. This article provides vital times when a family lawyer can help during separation. 

When Informing the Children -- When you decide that separation is the best alternative, ensure that you choose the right time to inform the children about the decision. Notably, family lawyers advise that this should be done as soon as possible. Unfortunately, most partners wait too long, worrying about the effects their decision will have on their children. If you fall into this trap and the children find it out by themselves, then you will experience a troublesome separation. Therefore, ensure you inform your kids even before the family lawyer begins the divorce process.

When Setting Your Finances in Order -- According to reports, about 87% of all separations lead to divorce, with only 13% of partners reconciling after separation. Therefore, even though separation gives you time to work things out with your partner, you should prepare for any outcome. You should seek advice from the family lawyer and set your finances in order so that you can still meet your financial obligations even if you do not live with your partner. For example, if you are paying your child's school fees but have to move out and rent an apartment, you need to discuss with your family lawyer how to put financial arrangements in place. If it comes to divorce, your finances will be in order, and that will only speed up the divorce process. If you fail to consult your family lawyer and wait for things to get better, you might be caught in financial limbo.

When Gathering Essential Documentation -- Your marriage certificate, bank statements, property valuations, tax returns, and other relevant documentation should be within reach during a divorce. The reason is that the designated family judge needs these documents when examining the proposed financial arrangements prepared by both family lawyers. If any one of these documents is missing or you supply the wrong one, then you will either get a hefty fine or spend some time behind bars. Your family lawyer can help in this regard by guiding you on what documentation to prepare.


10 October 2019

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