How to Interview a Law Firm

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A law firm will assist you with your pending legal matters. Most people get into a dilemma when choosing an appropriate law firm. Below are some questions to help you interview a few of them. 

What Is Your Availability? 

Most people will want their legal issues handled within a short period. Therefore, you should inquire whether the law firm has an experienced lawyer to help you with your matter. Some law firms will provide online services to clients with minor issues such as amending a parenting order or seeking a restraining order. These services could be free or discounted. When dealing with a complex legal issue, you need a formal consultation with the lawyers. During your consultation, inquire about the lawyer's speciality, experience and licencing. The solicitor should also have professional indemnity insurance.

What Are the Options? 

The law firm should assess your situational and advice on the available options. For instance, during a criminal case, the prosecution bears the burden of proof. Therefore, your lawyers could advise you to provide an alibi. Alternatively, the lawyers could discredit the prosecution's evidence during depositions. If you need to divorce your spouse, the lawyers will examine your finances and history to determine an appropriate method to divide your property. They will also advise on parenting plans.

What Services Will You Provide? 

The law firm should provide a comprehensive range of services. For instance, you could need a private investigator to establish the facts of your case. People with complicated issues such as election disputes, corruption scandals or murder trials will want paralegals to help their lawyer throughout the case. In some cases, you will also want the law firm to handle your finances. For example, you could ask the lawyer to administer your estate or trusts before you finalise the matter.

What Are Your Terms?

Most clients will forget to examine the terms and conditions. This often results in disputes. Other than the law firm's pricing, inquire about the terms of contract termination. For example, some law firms may charge a small penalty if you terminate their services abruptly or without a valid reason. Inquire about the privacy of your documents. Most law firms have safes to ensure your documents do not get lost or fall into the wrong hands. However, they will return the documents when they no longer need them.

When interviewing a law firm, inquire about the lawyers' availability, your available options, the services they will provide and their terms and conditions.


12 November 2020

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