Top Tips When Hiring A Property Lawyer

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Are you looking for a property lawyer? It could be that you intend to purchase or lease property in the near future. Property lawyers handle legal processes as you buy a property. Below are some questions you can use to interview a property lawyer. 

What Is Your Availability?

More often than not, homebuyers will be in a rush to purchase homes. It is especially so if you intend to sell the property or take advantage of cheap properties during the low season. Besides, the seller could consider offers from other buyers if you take too long to close the deal. Therefore, ask your lawyer whether they can dedicate some extra hours to handle your matter.  

What Services Do You Offer?

The lawyer should offer all services related to the property sale. They should evaluate the property documents to ensure you do not risk future prosecution. For example, the owners association could take you to court if the property contains a prohibited structure or renovation. On the other hand, the local council could compel you to pull down the structure if the contractor flouted the building code. 

Your property lawyer should formally appraise the property to ensure it is priced within the current market rates. They should also hire a building surveyor to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. The assessment will inform you of defects that are not visible to the naked eye. They could include roof leakages, sinking foundations, termite infestation or warped pillars. 

Once you are sure about the purchase, your lawyer will help you secure an appropriate mortgage. The lawyer will then meet with the seller and settle on the terms of the sale. After the sale, the lawyer can help transfer the property documents to your name. 

What Are Your Terms?

Read the engagement contract to understand the terms of the lawyer. For instance, some lawyers offer their services on a no-win no-fee basis. Simply put, the property lawyer will not charge you if they cannot close the deal. Examine the terms of contract termination. For example, check whether the lawyer will charge you if you cancel the agreement before the closing date. The lawyer should be clear about the conveyancing charges. Additionally, they should inform you when you should make payments. 

When hiring a property lawyer, inquire about their availability, services, terms and conditions. The lawyer must also have a professional liability insurance cover. It protects you from losses or legal liabilities caused by the lawyer's negligence. Contact a lawyer solicitor for more information. 


24 February 2021

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