Buying A New Home For The First Time? What Do You Need To Know About The REIXA Annexure?

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If you are a first-time homebuyer, you may have come across several terms and procedures that you may not be familiar with. For example, when you get close to buying a particular property, you make you hear of the need to get a REIWA annexure. What is this, and why is it so important? Crucial Part Of The Sale Process Most sale contracts stipulate that a building inspection must take place before any sale can go ahead.

23 June 2022

Considerations When Hiring A Conveyancer

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Most people get into in a dilemma when hiring conveyancers. In most cases, it is challenging to tell which conveyancer is the right fit for you. However, this shouldn't be your case after reading this detailed excerpt. It explains some of the qualities to look for in a conveyancer.   Always Consider Specialised Conveyancers A conveyancer specialising in the transfer of similar properties will give an accurate appraisal and provide valuable insights on how to close the deal fast.

3 February 2022