Writing A Will? When To Use A Solicitor

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It's a long agreed upon debate that writing a will is the most prudent thing anyone can do in order to provide for their family for when they have passed on. There are many ways to get a will done in Australia. The process has, in fact, become so easy that there are online apps that can guide as you write it. Using a solicitor to draw up a will can be considered an expensive way to get it done.

6 August 2015

Signs That Your Divorce Proceedings May Need the Services of a Lawyer

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Handling your divorce proceedings without a lawyer may save you some money at the time of your divorce, but it can actually be much more costly for your down the road. A good lawyer can also save you some headaches and hassles during this very difficult time. If you're not sure if you need to consult with a lawyer during your divorce and are assuming the cost is not worth their services, note a few signs that indicate that a consultation is in order.

20 July 2015

Why You Need to Hire a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

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There is an old saying that when someone defends themselves in court, they have a fool for a client. This may seem like a harsh thought, but there are many good reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney when you've been charged with any type of crime, and especially if the charges are very serious. While you may think you can argue your own case, note a few of the reasons why it's best to leave this in the hands of a professional.

24 June 2015

Four Things You Need to Know about Do It Yourself Divorce Kits

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When you are facing a divorce, one of your options may be to obtain a do-it-yourself divorce kit from the Family Court of Australia. These kits may seem like the easiest option for your situation, but there are a few things you need to know about them. Before you decide on using a kit, consider the following information and how it may pertain to your specific divorce situation. Multiple Kits

28 May 2015

Lesser Known Cases Handled By a Criminal Law Firm

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When you are enmeshed in a criminal issue, you will likely need to hire a criminal law firm to represent you. But though you're probably aware that criminal lawyers defend suspects from charges related to offences such as theft, burglary, murder and assault, there are other lesser-known cases that criminal law firms can also handle on your behalf. Here's a rundown of what those types of cases entail. Dangerous Dog Breed Cases 

29 April 2015

3 Things to Think About When Drafting a Will as a Single Person

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If you are a single person without dependents, it can seem tempting to leave the issue of wills and estate planning for a few more years. While you may not have accumulated many possessions at this stage of your life, the death benefit on your superannuation is often a significant amount of money even for low-income earners. It's a great idea to jot down where you would want your possessions to go if you do pass away—married or single.

25 March 2015

3 Reasons Why it's a Mistake to Handle Your Divorce Without an Attorney

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In many areas of the world, you're not legally obligated to have an attorney represent you when going through a divorce. A couple can often write up their own agreement when it comes to property division, custody and visitation, and spousal support, and if they both agree on that agreement then the court will simply file it and dissolve the marriage. However, thinking you can or should try to handle your own divorce without the services of an attorney can be a mistake and can hurt you in the long run, even if you and your spouse seem to agree on many details.

23 March 2015

New to the Field? 2 Major Tips for New Lawyers to Adapt to Their Industry

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In law schools, you'll learn how to think like a lawyer, get all the sections of the constitution on your fingertips and have exposure to substantive law. But the truth is, none of that will be enough once you are released into the real world of law practice. In the practical world, things don't happen the way they do in books. You're going to have to involve a lot of your common sense and apply the theory in law school.

16 March 2015

Tips on Getting Your Worker's Compensation

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Insurance companies are out to make money and they don't fancy giving off claims more than they have to. Once you're hurt in the job, you are entitled to a compensation until you can resume working. However, some of these companies will do their best to ensure that you get as little of your claim as possible. If you want to avoid these headaches, give good evidence. Here are some major tips to help you get your claim.

26 February 2015

What does a Conveyancer Do?

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When you are buying a new home, it is a good idea to have professional help in the form of a conveyancing attorney. This is someone who is going to make the whole process a lot less stressful, by taking care of the many little details that are involved in the buying and selling of houses. Your conveyancing attorney is going to make sure that the purchase goes through without any hitches, and they take care of all of the legal aspects of the deal.

24 February 2015